Snow Removal

Street Prioritization
We prioritize the streets according to traffic volumes and public safety requirements, focusing first on bus routes, school access (pedestrian and vehicular) and primary access routes for emergency vehicles.

Snow Removal Policy
Due to record snowfall amounts, the Town of Basalt asks for cooperation from residents in the following areas:
  • Residential neighborhoods: All snow from private property or adjacent sidewalks should be stored on private property. The town asks that residents be responsible for clearing snow along sidewalks and away from mailboxes and fire hydrants.
  • Private snow plowing: Placing, dumping or pushing of snow onto city streets or right-of-ways from adjacent properties is prohibited.
  • Street parking: Parking restrictions apply to certain streets in the town. Parking areas have signage stating, “Snow Route No Parking 3am to 6am.” Cars parked illegally may be towed.
  • Safety around plows: Please slow down and use caution when snow removal equipment is on the roads. Follow well behind the plow with your headlights on and keep back a minimum of 50 feet to avoid driving in the operators blind spot. Stay clear of flying snow and sanding material. Stay clear of plows backing up.
  • Child safety: This winter we have large mounds of snow throughout the Town of Basalt. The ongoing snow removal efforts require that snow be continually pushed to these areas. Please ensure that children refrain from playing on, in and around snow mounds when snow removal equipment is working.
Snow Removal Staff
The Town of Basalt Public Works Department provides professional and timely snow removal. The snow crew includes six on call staff who start as early as 4 a.m. This crew consists of four plow drivers to clear streets and two small equipment operators to clear public sidewalks.