Hello Basalt Building Community,

Happy Spring, we hope you all are doing well! Here’s an important heads-up.

Due to the volume of office work required to support the amount of building going on in Basalt these days we are having to claim/designate two weekdays as “no field work days”.

Starting in May the Basalt Building Department will no longer be doing inspections or site visits on Mondays and Fridays.

Roaring Fork Fire Rescue and Town of Basalt Winter 2020/2021 Guidelines for Temporary Outdoor Enclosures or Structures (TOSs)

Also for your reference: TOS Permit Application Checklist

Effective (Thursday, September 17, 2020) New Ordinance for Fire Protection – Click link below

Ordinance No. 16 Series of 2020 - Passed Amendments to Chapter 18 & Others

Update - Construction During COVID – 19
Construction rules vary depending on whether the site is in Pitkin County or Eagle County. Please read below.

Pitkin County - Landscaping and Non-Permitted Construction 

A landscaping business that is not doing work on a site with a building permit and other construction activities that do not require a building permit may resume operations under strict social distancing requirements.  Click link below.

Pitkin County Landscaping COVID-19 Business Safety Plan Requirement

Construction Projects in Pitkin County - which require a building permit

Pitkin County Public Health Officials are lifting the construction ban as early as Monday April 27th. A contractor desiring to do work must submit a Specific Site Safety Plan for that construction to the  Basalt Building Official and  that Plan must be approved by the Basalt Building Official before construction starts. Contractors are welcome to submit a COVID-19  Site Safety Plan beginning on Thursday, April 23rd.  During construction the contractor must submit a Daily Log. Daily logs can be submitted by clicking on the button below. 

Please review the 
Site Safety Plan Requirements. You may submit your plans beginning Thursday, April 23rd.

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Construction Projects in Eagle County - Including Landscaping and Maintenance  Construction Projects in Eagle County must follow the more restrictive of the COVID-19 public health orders of the State of Colorado, Eagle County or the Town of Basalt.  The contractor must comply with a site safety plan which includes at a minimum: a plan for social distancing on the construction site, posting of COVID-19 regulations on the site, hand washing stations and carpooling policies. Eagle County has provided this form to help businesses prepare Site Safety Plan.

Permits Issued

View the permits that have been issued by month, for the past year. 

B.E.S.T. Card


Demonstrate your code proficiency/competence! The B.E.S.T. program (Board of Examiners for Standardized Testing) was established in 1994. It is an intergovernmental reciprocity agreement started by local jurisdictions in the Roaring Fork Valley, which has since expanded to include the I-70 corridor, west to Rifle. The program eliminates the need for a contractor license candidate to test in each jurisdiction to qualify for a license. A B.E.S.T. cardholder need only present the card to demonstrate code comprehension. It is not a license.

B.E.S.T. testing is currently unavailable in Basalt.  Other testing facilities include the City of Aspen and the Town of Silt.

Code Books
You may order code books through the building department. The Town purchases your order at ICC member rates and passes the savings on to you. It takes about a week for delivery. Payment (including postage) is due when the order is picked up. Call 970-927-4702 to place an order. Browse the ICC bookstore at

To view codes online, the International Code Council has posted several editions of all the codes they publish at The site is designed to allow you to view the International Codes for free. You are limited in your abilities to search and print, however all sections of the codes are available for you.

Additional Information

Sustainable Building Regulations - Continuing Education Training Opportunities