Crime Victim Compensation

The Victim's Services Program and the Volunteer Auxiliary work together with the District Attorney's Office to provide information about benefits available through the Crime Victim's Compensation Act.

Purpose of Compensation

Crime Victim's Compensation was established to give crime victims financial assistance for losses suffered as a result of their victimization. If you have been injured, lost a family member as the result of a crime, or if your home has been damaged (windows, doors, locks), you may be eligible to receive benefits through the program.

Funds received through the Crime Victim's Compensation Program do not need to be repaid by the victim or his/her family unless additional funds are received for the same losses through a civil judgment, insurance plan, etc.

In most cases, when a defendant has plead, or has been found guilty of the charges, the judge will order the defendant to pay restitution to the Crime Victim's Compensation Fund.

The Approval Process

All claims for benefits through Crime Victim's Compensation are processed through the appropriate county district attorney's office. The claim is then presented to a three-member board, which is appointed by the district attorney of the judicial district, and it decides whether to approve the request.

Funds for this program are generated by a surcharge on fines for all felony, class I and II misdemeanors, and traffic offenses which result in conviction or deferred judgment, and sentence.

Applications for Crime Victim's Compensation

Applications may be retrieved from either of the following two sources:

  • The Eagle County District Attorney's Office at 970-328-6947
  • The Pitkin County Victim's Services Program at 970-920-5341

Requirements for Compensation

  • The crime must be reported to a law enforcement agency within 72 hours, or good reason must exist for any delay in reporting.
  • The victim must cooperate fully with law enforcement and the District Attorney's Office in the prosecution of the case.