Business Licensing

The Town of Basalt requires that all Businesses with a permanent physical location within the Town of Basalt to obtain a Business and/or Sales Tax License yearly.  Please find the application below.  

Business License and Sales Tax Application

Ordinance No 9 Series 2019 Allowing Exemptions from Sales Tax Licensing

Short-Term Rental Licensing

The Town of Basalt requires all Short-Term Rental with in the Town limits to obtain a Sales Tax License and Short-Term Rental Business License yearly.  The License Applications can be found below.   

Short-Term Rental License Application

Total Annual Cost for Short-Term Rental Licensee
Sales Tax License (annually)
Short Term Business License (annually)
Short-Term Rental Inspection (annually)$150
Total Short -Term Rental License Annual Cost$460  
Monthly Lodging Tax Returns4%  (see additional info below)

Ordinance No. 23 Series 2022 Amending Licenses for Short-Term Rentals 

Lodging Tax

All Short-Term rentals (less than 30 consecutive days) are subject to a 4% Lodging Tax that must be summitted to the Town by the 20th of each month.  Please find the return form below.

Lodging Tax Return Form

Contractor License

Contractor License Application

Dog License

Dog License Information and Application

Liquor Licensing

Please go to Liquor Licensing Page for more information.  

Tobacco Retailers Licensing

Tobacco Retailers License Application

Tobacco Sales Tax Return Form

Tobacco Sales Tax Information Letter