Jennifer Riffle

2020 Candidates
Title: Candidate for Council
Riffle headshot 2020

Jennifer Riffle is your incumbent candidate with immense institutional knowledge, who will continue working with integrity towards our community sustainability.  The 2020 strategic framework (search Town-of-Basalt-Strategic-Framework) inspires the next four years and I am truly excited to carry these tasks forwards.  The previous four years of my service, we as a Council, focused on improving our governance organization.  Now that foundation is solid we can collaborate with regional partners to address collective issues such as housing, childcare, transportation, public improvements, public service, economic health and sustainability, public safety and emergency response. I will strive to foster a well-designed, sustainable community where all people feel valued and are motivated to be involved in making Basalt an amazing place to live. Thank you for considering me for your representation vote through 2024.  It is my honor to work for you and our passionate community.



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