Glenn Drummond

2020 Candidates
Title: Candidate for Council
Drummond Headshot 2020

I have lived in Colorado for 15 years, along with my wife, Genny, and our two dogs, Rosemary and Thyme. Experiencing the towns of Parachute, Snowmass Village, before choosing Basalt, where we purchased our home 6 years ago.  Now, we can often be found on one of our community’s extensive system of bike or hiking trails or taking advantage of RFTA’s bus services to reach one of Basalt’s businesses or events.

Currently I am a volunteer member of the Parks, Open Space and Trails committee.  I’ve seen issues divide our community, when active listening to all points of view and finding common ground could have brought us together.  I believe government should work with transparency and active citizen engagement to accomplish solutions and established goals.

As a member of your Town Council, my priorities would be:

•  Town government that is lawful, responsive and focused on efficient, forward-looking and sustainable services.  I will provide thoughtful decision-making and seek to support our Town staff and department personnel with appropriate resources and guidance.

•  Balanced growth that is respectful of our existing community character and impact on schools, police, fire, public services and RFTA.  I will be mindful of the incredible environment in which we live and maintaining that character and level of service requires smart growth planning and execution.

•  A community transit network that connects us.  I will pursue economic, as well as physical linkage, of Old Town Basalt, Southside and Willits through transit, wayfinding and trails, thereby increasing our sense of one connected community.

•  Support for a thriving business environment.  I will ensure that locally owned businesses, which enrich our community and link neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships, are prioritized.

•  Responsible policies to support an appropriate mix of family, senior, second home, attainable and workforce housing.  I will elevate consideration of policies and action to encourage development of a continuum of housing options for all segments of our community.

My name is Glenn Drummond and I am running for Basalt town council to represent all community members. We can accomplish the goal of being a “connected” community in every sense of the word. This will take a lot of hard work, and I am willing to put forth the effort needed to get the job done and ensure Basalt’s special character and vibrancy are protected and enhanced for now and the future.


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